Rangoli : Indian Folk Art

photos by Ser Rashmi Gupta 

  • Rangoli is the most multicolored of this shared tradition and uses a vast array of materials. Kolam, on the other hand, usually follows more geometrical patterns with a pattern of dots encircled by a series of curving loops – even though more color is added on holidays and for special occasions. Throughout many Indian states, including Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh, local varieties can be found which draw on local people’s own preferences and traditions.

Image Credit Flickr Ser Rashmi Gupta

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you could put every character i like in a room and yell “hey asshole” and probably 99% of them would look up

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AU where will graham is a serial killer and collects the dogs of all his victims

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Lionsgate released some haunting teaser posters for the upcoming, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1


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"Where to? I’ll be your escort this evening."

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i think everyone has a main “my baby” for each of their fandoms

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Anonymous said: would lenin be any good at basketball


Now, his shooting form is fucked up. I don’t know why his left arm is so low, it looks like he probably didn’t even use it to guide the ball. His right hand is releasing wayyyy lower than you want to be. He probably had no arc on his shot. His legs look completely straight and not bent, so that’s a negative too. That ball looks like it’s gonna brick off the back of the rim so, from studying this play, it looks like Lenin was not a baller.